Netflix movie Skater Girl has been shot in a village in Rajasthan, but the skateboarding feature shares a close connection with Bengaluru. A Bengaluru-based skateboarder coached the protagonist Prerna (played by debutante Rachel Saanchita Gupta), a teenager who struggles to pursue her passion for skateboarding.

The skatepark Prerna and her friends practise in, was built by two Bengaluru-based ventures - 100 Ramps Skatepark Construction Company and Holystoked Collective. Prominent names from the city’s thriving skateboarding scene also play cameo roles as themselves. Kevin,a Kerala-born and Bengaluru bred skateboarder and founder of WeSkate Co. , was first approached for the construction of the skatepark in Rajasthan in 2018.

When director Manjari Makijany and producers Vinati Makijany and Emmanuel Pappas learned that Kevin is also a skateboarding coach, they asked him to teach the protagonists and 100+ kids from around the village. He was also one of the skate camera operators for the film. Like her character Prerna, Rachel hadn’t ever stepped on a board.

The first lesson, of course, was learning how to fall. “You ought to fall while skateboarding and the true challenge is to get back up and try again. It’s important to recognise where one falters while attempting a trick and keeping at it is key,” says Kevin, who formed WeSkateCo to empower children through sports.


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