The Shaka Surf Club

The Shaka Surf Club is all about freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow. The word ‘Shaka’ literally means "hang loose" or "take it easy."- The Shaka Surf Club Website.

Located in the fishing village of Kodi Bengre Village, near the temple town of Udupi, Karnataka. The Shaka Surf Club was founded by Tushar Pathiyan and Ishita Malaviya in the summer of 2007. Their passion for surfing drove them to share this rip-roaring skill with their friends and eventually to people all across the globe through the club. Having introduced hundreds of people to surfing, Tushar and Ishita have helped the surfing scene in India grow at full tilt.

Apart from surfing, The team has successfully incorporated the families around the surf spot into the program and ensured to give back to the beautiful village. The team also has whipped up the older kids in the village to take initiatives and lead beach cleanups and teach the younger kids to swim ,skate and surf.

Kevin,the founder of Weskate co met Thushar while volunteering for The Shaka surf club in the summer of 2015 and that’s where their friendship and association with Weskate co began. They had a thrilling time collaborating with each other, building, skating and surfing alongside. As part of the We programme, both organizations teamed up to uplift the underprivileged kids around the area and ensured to have fun, teach and empower the people.

In a conversation with Thushar, he remarked that the We programme opens a portal where the global community of skateboarding is brought to merge with arising local communities.

Weskate co and The shaka surf club share parallel core values which is to have fun, uplift the underprivileged and to give back to the community through skateboarding and surfing respectively Which is why its association gives rise to a beautiful world of equality, Shared opportunities, lessons and experiences.

Both organizations strive to stay true to their missions and goals, individually and in collaboration.

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